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Birch Juice

    Birch sap, birch water or birch juice is the sap directly tapped from birch trees, betula pubescens (white birch), betula pendula (silver birch), betula lenta, betula papyrifera, and betula fontinalis.

    Birch sap may be taken in both fresh and naturally fermented. When fresh, it is a clear and uncoloured liquid, often slightly sweet with a slightly smooth texture. After two to three days, the sap starts fermenting and the taste becomes more acidic.

    Birch sap is a traditional beverage in boreal and hemiboreal areas of the northern hemisphere along with parts of northern china. [1]

    Of russian origin: birch juice

    Divine nectar

    Beryozovy sok (birch juice) is the sap from a birch tree. It is a water-like sweet liquid. It’s the only kind of juice in russia that is venerated in songs about the love of the motherland. The ancient slavs worshipped different pagan gods. And birch was among the most sacred trees. At that time it was prohibited to take the juice out of the tree for routine usage– it was to be saved for rituals. But after the intro of christianity the restriction gradually vanished. And people started to gather birch nectar for everyday needs.

    Gathering birch juice

    To collect the sap you need to go to the birch grove, naturally. The only time you can get the juice is throughout the 20 day period from the middle of march to the beginning of april– that’s when the core of the tree is filled with juice. During some winter seasons this duration might be minimized to 10-12 days. Because of melting snow it is essential to wear rubber boots– otherwise one can get soaked.

    There’s no other way to do it– the only time you can collect the juice is during the 20 day duration from the middle of march to the beginning of april– that’s when the core of the tree is filled with juice. During some winter seasons this duration may be lowered to 10-12 days.

    So, when in the grove you must take these five steps to get the birch juice:.

    • Tie the bottle to the tree
    • Drill a hole into the trunk
    • Insert a tube into a hole and put its end into the bottle
    • Wait

    When it’s done, take the bottle and don’t forget to state “thank you” (this is what some experienced individuals do) due to the fact that you’ll need to concern the same tree to request for the juice once again.

    Specialists say that a small birch can produce as much as 5 liters of juice daily. But you have actually got to make certain that you have actually done no harm to the tree– your cuts need to be little. The other guidelines are:.

    • Never ever select young trees for juice collection
    • When gathering the juice from a branch, plaster it.

    Fresh birch sap can be protected for 5-6 days at most. There are two ways to maintain it: if you do it in your home, you freeze it. In factories you need to pasteurize it – this slows the development of microorganisms. If the juice is protected for a long time its taste might become distorted.

    The cost for birch sap differs in numerous countries. In japan it can reach the equivalent of 70 u.s. dollars per liter. However in ussr it was produced on a mass scale. That’s why it was the most affordable juice to buy – it cost 7 or eight kopecks for a 250ml glass (a glass of tomato juice, for example, used to cost from 10 to 12 kopecks). It was likewise sold in 3-liter jars. There was never a shortage of birch juice– as held true with meat and dairy items. This produced chatter about the absence of credibility of the juice– people joked that the birch juice was simply a mixture of water, sugar and lemon acid– which was never the case.

    But at the end of the 1980s birch juice became a rarity in stores. The factor– the terrible nuclear disaster at the chernobyl power plant in northern ukraine, among the essential locations of juice collection. Hazardous clouds caused acid rains in other “juicy” locations in european russia, which caused the eradication of mass production.

    Now birch juice is being restored into tradition thanks to body-builders and fitness trainers as it consists of sugars, proteins, amino acids and enzymes– the crucial elements that help you remain fit. It’s likewise helpful for the stomach. The rate for a 1.5 liter bottle for fitness functions is about 5 euros.

    At the start of the 1970s a popular folk-rock group from belarus called “pesnyary” taped a track called “birch juice.” In the ballad, a guy who needs to work outside the ussr for the good of the motherland remembers a moment from his youth when he consumed birch juice. He wishes to return home as quickly as possible to delight in the taste of this sweet rejuvenating beverage. Thanks to this song the juice– like the birch itself– became a symbol of the love of the motherland. [2]

    The next huge thing: birch sap

    Do you keep in mind the rise of coconut water?

    It occurred so all of a sudden, now, you can’t go to any supermarket, big box or mama ‘n pop, without seeing a bottle.

    Coconut water boasts a number of health advantages, consisting of a hydrating properties, a high amount of electrolytes, a low variety of calories, and numerous, many, much more. A tremendous 2,660,000 results come up when you google “coconut water advantages.”.

    But its reign at the top of the hydration chain is gradually pertaining to an end.

    Get in: birch sap.

    It’s exactly what it seems like. Similar to the process of tapping maple trees, birch trees can be tapped too.

    Other than, instead of the sticky, sweet compound that comes out of maple trees, birch tree sap is clear and relatively neutral in flavor.

    2 primary ranges of birch trees are tapped– the silver birch and the north american sweet birch, and already, it’s a big deal in eastern europe and russia.

    Birch sap is a little sweet, similar to coconut water in its delicateness of flavor.

    It can only be gathered once a year, around early spring, before the leaves begin appearing. As the sap will change in flavor the later the trees are tapped, gathering is just a short one-month duration.

    The appeal of birch sap is that it leaves the birch trees unhurt, enabling them to continue growing through the remainder of the year.

    What takes place throughout the summer, fall, and winter is what provides birch sap its incredible health homes.

    The trees soak up nutrients from the sun and soil in the summertime to prepare themselves for hibernation in the fall.

    During this time, they store all the nutrients in the type sap in their roots. The birch trees retain this sap throughout the cold winter season.

    Then comes spring once again, and the start of birch tree tapping season.

    Birch sap is loaded with a number of amino acids, minerals, enzymes, proteins, anti-oxidants, and vitamins.

    Like coconut water, it’s got detoxifying properties, making birch water a reliable service for that headache you got during your previous night out.

    Birch sap is fantastic in shakes, and reliable as a post-workout hydrator thanks to its electrolytes. [3]

    Chemical structure

    First of all, a total set of helpful minerals: magnesium, manganese, copper, sodium, potassium, iron and calcium.

    The birch contains natural acids, glucose, fructose, different enzymes and phytoncides. The sweet taste of the drink is because of the presence of sugar, its content rises to 2%.

    The composition of the juice looks like an entire vitamin complex: there are vitamins c, a, e, group b.


    What is useful birch sap for the body

    The advantages and harms of birch sap for the health of the human body are because of the unique structure of the beverage, judge on your own:.

    On hot days, the drink will revitalize and quench your thirst, renew the supply of mineral salts lost throughout heavy sweating.

    The birch elixir works for smokers, in addition to passive ones; it eliminates toxins from those who abuse alcohol.

    You must not overlook the birch drink after extended use of drugs, specifically antidepressants, statins, analgesics.

    Improves the work of the digestion system. Juice promotes the secretion of gastric juice enzymes necessary for food digestion.

    The drink will supply efficient assistance to those experiencing irregularity, given that it has a laxative impact, enhances digestive tract motility.

    The drink is exceptional for migraines and the presence of headaches.

    The beverage is a good anti-inflammatory agent. Any inflammatory procedures will pass if you start consuming a healthy beverage every day during the season.

    In the xii century, european therapists knew that juice perfectly eliminates harmful substances from the liver and kidneys.

    Edema brought on by impaired kidney function will pass – the juice is a diuretic. The body will be cleaned of small stones, sand in the gallbladder and kidneys. Important: clients with kidney illness can drink juice just with the authorization of a medical professional.

    Birch sap is a good remedy for anemia, offers strength and favorably impacts the structure of the blood.

    In addition, with the help of a healing agent, badly recovery injuries, some skin diseases (psoriasis), and boils have long been treated. They were treated for colds, filling the body with vitamins and anti-inflammatory substances.

    The use of juice – traditional medication recipes

    How and just how much to consume birch sap to benefit health and keep the body in good condition?

    Angina, cough. Consume a slightly warm birch drink combined with milk and starch. Up until total recovery, it is enough to take a glass a day.

    Inflammatory procedure in the mouth. Take juice in your mouth and hold it for a while. Do not be afraid to spoil your tooth enamel – unlike other juices, birch juice has extremely few acids, teeth are safe.

    Chronic runny nose. Consume a glass of birch a day.

    Skin diseases: eczema, lichen, boils. Drink juice routinely, use compresses to issue locations.

    Injuries and long-term non-healing ulcers, abrasions. Deal with the wound with fresh birch sap, and it will rapidly heal, thanks to the wound healing and anti-inflammatory homes of the treatment.

    In the season of spring depression and blues, you need to drink a glass of juice every day and your state of mind will improve much.

    If you want to clean the liver and kidneys on your own – drink a glass of juice daily prior to breakfast, take a course of treatment at 6 weeks.

    Heat. Mix birch, a little wine, sugarcoat and finely chopped lemon. Consume a fresh beverage, however infused for 3 months in a dark location, it will work far more efficiently – prepare the medication ahead of time.

    Birch sap for ladies

    Want to have strong, shiny hair? Wash after cleaning with tree sap, in addition, get rid of dandruff.

    From falling hair, a self-made birch cream with the addition of a spoonful of honey to a glass of drink will assist. Rub into hair roots prior to washing throughout gathering season.

    Add a little ridge and a decoction of burdock roots to the juice and make an exceptional mask for hair loss.

    With the first indications of aging, begin drinking birch drink routinely. This recipe has actually long been understood to ladies in the scandinavian nations and wipe great wrinkles every day.

    From blackheads, a mask of juice, honey and egg white. If you wish to take preventive measures versus a rash, simply wipe the skin with juice in the early morning and evening.

    The juice can be utilized to make healing ice cubes that are incredibly advantageous for skin care. Clean problem skin, décolleté and neck – they will certainly say thank you!

    Little wrinkles can be overcome in another way: take the rubbed sea buckthorn, the skin of the face loves it, add grown wheat germ and dilute it with birch sap.

    Dry skin can be helped by making a mask of juice and honey.

    Birch sap – a storehouse of health

    Among these natural items that you should focus on is the sap, which is obtained from european white birch, which is widespread throughout our area. This tree has a variety of useful qualities, which is why our remote forefathers valued it so much.

    Fresh birch sap is a real treasure trove of minerals, sugars, organic compounds that boost health and improve wellness. The juice, which is obtained from plants in early spring (late march – early april), contains a large amount of substances essential for the tree, which are likewise beneficial for individuals.

    The structure of fresh birch sap, or birch, consists of – minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper); vitamins (mainly c and group b); enzymes, organic substances (citric acid, tannins, tannins, flavonoids, betulin) and sugars (fructose).

    How to consume birch sap and how it works

    The methodical use of juice (2-3 times a day for 1/4 cup) for 2-3 weeks has a positive result on the functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract (assists with urolithiasis), cleanses the body of toxic substances, decreases the level of “bad” cholesterol, and also enhances the immune system. In addition, routine drinking of birch improves complexion, includes shine to hair. Due to its beneficial structure, the juice is advised during the healing period after health problem, for older people or those who are compromised (for instance, with anemia).

    Safe “birch” sugar – xylitol

    The sugars included in birch sap are quickly absorbed and do not impact the level of insulin in the body. This residential or commercial property was valued by pharmacists and developed a natural medicine for individuals with diabetes. Birch sugar (xylitol) is formed during the production of xylose (wood sugar), which is part of the hemicelluloses that make up the bark and wood.

    Xylitol is recommended as a natural sweetener not only for diabetics, however likewise for obese individuals, as it has a lower glycemic index than other kinds of sugars (sugar beet juice, sucrose). Unlike white sugar, xylitol does not trigger dental caries, but rather prevents its event, considering that it has antimicrobial properties.

    Xylitol, which is beneficial to humans, can be unsafe to animals. Therefore, pets need to not be provided products containing birch sap.

    How to gather birch sap

    To experience the full benefits of birch sap, you can buy it in natural food shops. And you can assemble it yourself, because it’s not such an uphill struggle. Sap flow starts in the 2nd half of march – april. A middle-aged tree growing far from roadways, cities, contaminated places is suitable for gathering juice. It is good if it remains in the forest or in your own summertime cottage.

    Your actions will not cause significant harm to the tree, if only you adhere to the most important condition – no more than 3-5 liters of juice can be collected from one 20-year-old tree, additionally, a maximum of 1 liter is enabled daily.

    In order to collect the juice, in a tree trunk with a diameter of at least 25 cm (at a height of roughly 1.5 m), make a small (1-2 cm) cut, into which place a glass tube, plastic tube or a little chute. Connect a bottle or other glass container (container) under television into which the juice will flow.

    There is a less invasive, but more resilient method – cut a branch of medium density and repair a plastic bottle in place of the cut, in which the flowing juice will build up.

    If you have chosen the method of gathering juice through the hole, keep in mind that after the end of the “donor” procedure, you need to carefully close the cut with a wooden wedge and cover the place of “damage” with garden pitch, which will permit the wound to heal faster and not doom the tree to plentiful loss of juice and infection with damaging bacteria.

    How to prepare birch sap

    It is best to use birch sap fresh, then its value as a strengthened beverage is the highest, but if this is not possible, it can be saved in the fridge and consumed within 3-4 days. And you can prepare it for the winter. 1 glass of recovery beverage per day will offset the absence of vitamins in the body, which we experience in the winter.

    Birch sap with orange

    You will require: for a 3-liter – half an orange, 150 g of sugar, 1 tsp. Citric acid.

    Cooking. Wash and sterilize the containers in any way convenient for you. Dry. Put an orange in a hot container, put sugar and lemon. Heat the juice (eliminate the resulting foam), but do not bring to a boil in order to preserve the useful substances as much as possible. Fill the jar with hot juice. Roll up the covers.

    Birch kvass with the taste of lollipops

    You will need: for 2.5 liters of fresh birch sap – 1/2 tablespoon. Sugar, a handful of raisins, 3 slices of lemon and orange and 2-3 candies “barberry” or “duchess”. They will include flavor.

    Cooking. Wash and dry the raisins. Filter the gathered birch sap through 2-3 layers of gauze. Pour out a percentage of juice, heat somewhat, dissolve sugar and sweet in it. Combine with the staying juice, put it into a 3-liter bottle (or jar), where it will ferment. Put the raisins, cut a couple of slices of orange and lemon. Cover the neck of the jar with a piece of fabric or gauze and place in a warm location for about 3-5 days to ferment. After fermentation, shop kvass in the refrigerator.

    If you are uncertain that the birch sap from the store is natural and healthy, start gathering a living natural “elixir” with your own hands, and by preparing a rejuvenating beverage with a small sourness on its basis, you will feel that spring has actually lastly come into its own!

    All of us remember the taste of birch sap from youth – so fresh, sweetish. In the ussr, it was gathered on a commercial scale and offered in stores in the same way as apple or apricot.

    Today, the collection of birch sap is a specific matter, private traders are engaged in it and it is rather difficult to purchase this beverage. However, if you want to collect valuable birch sap, you can do it yourself, the main thing is to know where, how and when it is done correctly.

    Is it worth it?

    It contains a substantial quantity of numerous trace elements and other chemicals needed by the body during the duration of spring beriberi. Additionally, they are natural and will bring more advantages than synthetic multivitamin preparations from a drug store.

    Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind about some contraindications to making use of a birch beverage.

    Composition and calories

    The advantage of this drink depends on its special composition.

    Organic acids are essential for regular acid-base balance in the body. They supply the absorption of nutrients, while getting rid of contaminants and toxic substances.

    Phytoncides are created to disinfect harmful infections and bacteria that can trigger illness of the respiratory system.

    Fructose in the composition of natural juice provides energy, glucose participates in metabolic processes, and also stimulates heart activity.

    Necessary oils, found in birch beverage, have an useful result on the nervous system and psycho-emotional state of a person. In addition, these compounds have a bactericidal result. They can harm the body during lactation, in addition to with a tendency to allergies.

    Saponins are aspects that impact the absorption of various compounds by the body, and also positively impact the hormone background. Researchers believe that saponins can function as a cancer prevention.

    The birch product consists of tannins, which assist to lower the excretory function of the intestinal system. Regular intake of such a liquid leads to a downturn in intestinal peristalsis and an improvement in the absorption of numerous nutrients.

    In addition, the composition of birch sap consists of different minerals. For instance:.

    • Potassium is accountable for the work of the muscles, the cardiovascular system. The continuous use of such a treatment is the avoidance of persistent tension.
    • Calcium ensures the functioning of the thyroid gland, pancreas, pituitary gland.
    • Sodium controls the activity of the nerve system, in addition to the musculoskeletal system. In addition, this compound is defined by a vasodilating property.
    • Copper has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant results. The benefit of this compound is that it ensures the appropriate functioning of the digestive system, as well as the endocrine glands.
    • Iron is thought about a multifunctional substance. It keeps oxygen in the blood, promotes the elimination of co2, cleanses the liver of hazardous substances.
    • Also, aluminum, silicon, manganese, titanium and others were found in the item.
    • The calorie content of juice varies depending upon the tree itself. So, it can be from 9 to 21 kcal per 100 ml of liquid. This permits you to use the drink in the diet plan.

    General benefit

    As currently discussed, birch sap consists of potassium and magnesium, which are responsible for the appropriate performance of the heart and circulatory system. Therefore, the beverage works for individuals experiencing heart pathologies, as well as after a stroke or heart attack.

    Helpful birch elements are frequently consisted of in various medications that reduce the advancement of cancer. This is because of the capability of enzymes to prevent blood circulation to cancer cells, consequently stimulating the procedure of self-destruction of the neoplasm.

    The methodical usage of juice helps to clean the blood, the production of red blood cells. It is useful to drink such a drink with severe intoxication, intense breathing and persistent infections.

    The benefit of the item depends on the content of a variety of vitamins from the b-group. They have a beneficial effect on the psychological health of a person. Therefore, to eliminate the symptoms of stress and anxiety, it suffices to drink some juice prior to going to bed.

    If there is no specific intolerance, you require to take such a drink in small amounts. This will assist reinforce the body immune system, increase the body’s resistance to numerous germs, infections and infections. As a result, it will be much easier for an individual to sustain the season of colds.

    This plant structure is characterized by a diuretic property. This enables you to utilize it to combat swelling of the legs. The item promotes the quick elimination of excess fluid from the body, improving the functioning of the urinary system. The very same qualities of the beverage make it possible to utilize it for urolithiasis.

    Birch sap is indicated for individuals who have pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. Throughout the remission of persistent ailments, such a drink is thought about a genuine find, considering that it safeguards the mucous membranes and boosts the procedure of digestion.

    Saponins prevent the deposition of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels, for that reason, such a liquid is the prevention of atherosclerosis.

    Due to the presence of natural sugars in the structure of the beverage, represented by fructose and glucose, which are responsible for psychological activity and good state of mind, it works to drink juice for those whose work is associated with tension on the brain.

    Birch sap will help eliminate foul breath, functioning as a prophylactic for oral illness. Fresh works to drink to strengthen the gums, with stomatitis and caries.

    A beverage of plant origin has a variety of favorable residential or commercial properties that are of fantastic advantage to the body. The product normalizes metabolic processes, which causes weight-loss. The juice also assists to improve the health of the hair, dermis and nail plates.

    Remarkably, birch sap can be consumed in large quantities without fear of negative effects. This is because of the reality that the beverage does not aggravate the mucous membranes of the stomach. So, even with an ulcer, it is recommended to drink a little of this useful product.

    Birch beverage assists to lower blood pressure by getting rid of excess fluid from the body and getting rid of edema. In addition, the normalization of pressure indicators is also guaranteed due to the truth that such juice increases the level of hemoglobin.

    Juice is utilized in the treatment of tonsillitis, pneumonia. Urologists recommend utilizing it as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic as part of the complex treatment of pathologies of the genitourinary system. [4]

    Should you be consuming birch water?

    Yesterday’s sparkling water is today’s coconut water is tomorrow’s … birch tree sap?

    Birch water, a waterlike sap tapped from birch trees, is the current drink to sign up with an alternative water market that accounted for about $2.7 billion in sales worldwide in 2016, according to food and drink consultancy firm zenith worldwide.

    The lure of the a little sweet beverage is its mineral material, in addition to its lower-sugar material than coconut water, stated john kavchak, the co-founder and director of sapp, a chicago- and new york-based business that offers birch water in the u.s.

    ” it’s perhaps the lowest-sugar plant-based drink,” he stated of birch water. “it’s abundant in minerals and anti-oxidants, and it’s been utilized for centuries in scandinavia and eastern europe as a natural source of detox.”.

    Birch water includes a high level of manganese, a mineral that helps blood glucose regulation and bone structure through calcium absorption, according to the university of maryland medical center. Manganese is a component of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that helps combat naturally happening free radicals that “can damage cell membranes and dna,” according to the university.

    Kavchak fasts to point out that birch water isn’t a miracle tonic, nevertheless.

    ” i like to state it’s more than routine water, however it’s just an addition to your drinking occasions,” he said. “We’re not trying to sell this as medication. Our goal is to sell a beverage that is hydrating and has health advantages.”.

    Though birch water contains five times the quantity of manganese as kale, according to sapp, its cost point– $3.49 per bottle of sapp and more than $40 for a 12-pack of byarozavik on amazon– is something to consider, said kristin a.r. gustashaw, an advanced-level medical dietitian at rush university medical center.

    ” As far as the remarkable qualities of birch water, it’s in fact very little various than what you can get in oats,” gustashaw stated. “When you look at the cost of a serving of birch water versus the expense of a cup of oats, oats are a fraction of expense. You can get the very same or a comparable amount of manganese from oats at a quote of 20 or 21 cents versus $3.50 for the same amount of manganese. It’s a costly source of one nutrient that they’re promoting.”.

    A big part of that cost comes from the procedure of tapping and maintaining birch sap, which can end within days if not looked after, kavchak said. There is only a three- or four-week duration in april when the trees can be tapped, he stated.

    Not all tree waters are the same. Maple water shares resemblances with birch water however has a various mineral profile and a higher natural sugar material while doing not have birch water’s trace quantities of xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol that can help avoid dental caries by preventing the development of streptococcus mutans, a bacteria that triggers cavities, according to the california oral association. And byarozavik, for instance, includes natural walking cane sugar to its birch water.

    While sapp’s initial taste does not have additives other than less than 1 percent of citric acid, the business offers birch water flavored with nettle and rose hip, which respectively support kidney functioning and the immune system.

    Those additives can become too much of a good thing if you’re not mindful, gustashaw stated, and could position a threat for pregnant women and individuals taking high blood pressure medication.

    ” increased hip is a terrific source of vitamin c, but there is prospective harm in extreme quantities,” she stated. “once you take a vitamin, any vitamin, in a megadose, it’s thought about a drug. If it’s being utilized at a healing level, it can throw off your metabolic process. And for something like water, depending upon what your water is strengthened with, it could end up being an issue. Water is a terrific thing, however even water has to be in the right dosing for our bodies.”.

    Gustashaw said she isn’t cautious of birch water as much as she cautions that no “extremely drink” is extremely.

    ” i’ve never ever seen a manganese deficiency in twenty years of practice,” she stated. “but i try to focus individuals on a whole food principle and not on a specific vitamin or supplement. Quite often, americans are short in their diets, so if individuals are getting a little extra, that’s fine. We simply don’t wish to over-supplement our bodies.” [5]

    What is the difference between birch juice and birch sap?

    Birch sap or birch water is the liquid acquired from the drainage of birch trees through the bark. The harvesting of the sap is typically done from completion of february to mid-march. It is a healthy and natural item of terrific quality.

    Birch juice is a concentrate gotten from the preparation of birch leaves. It is more affordable than birch sap.

    Birch juice and sap have the same slimming impacts. Likewise, birch water is much richer in micronutrient and minerals. [6]

    Side effects

    When taken by mouth: birch is perhaps safe for most grownups when taken by mouth for short amount of times. It can cause allergic reactions in some people.

    When applied to the skin: birch is possibly safe for a lot of adults when applied to the skin for short time periods. It can trigger allergic reactions in some people. [7]

    Special precautions and warnings

    Pregnancy and breast-feeding: there is inadequate reliable information about the security of taking birch if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

    Allergy to wild carrot, mugwort, celery, and other spices: birch pollen might trigger allergies in people who are sensitive to wild carrot, mugwort, and celery. This has been called the “celery-carrot-mugwort-spice syndrome.” Birch pollen may likewise cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to certain other plants, consisting of apples, soybeans, hazelnuts, and peanuts.

    Hypertension: there is some issue that birch leaf may increase the quantity of salt (sodium) that the body retains, and this can make hypertension even worse. [8]

    What other drugs connect with birch?

    If your physician has actually directed you to utilize this medication, your doctor or pharmacist might already understand any possible drug interactions and might be monitoring you for them. Do not start, stop, or change the dose of any medication prior to consulting your doctor, healthcare supplier or pharmacist initially.

    Birch has no recognized serious, major, or moderate interactions with other drugs.

    Mild interactions of birch consist of:.

    • Amiloride
    • Bendroflumethiazide
    • Bumetanide
    • Chlorothiazide
    • Chlorthalidone
    • Cyclopenthiazide
    • Drospirenone
    • Ethacrynic acid
    • Furosemide
    • Hydrochlorothiazide
    • Indapamide
    • Methyclothiazide
    • Metolazone
    • Spironolactone
    • Torsemide
    • Triamterene [9]

    The bottom line

    Birch water is stemmed from the sap of birch trees and provides numerous minerals and anti-oxidants.

    It’s particularly abundant in manganese and magnesium while low in calories and sugar. It may even enhance skin and hair health, though more research is needed.

    You can purchase industrial birch water in stores or online, however bear in mind that some brand names might sugarcoat and synthetic tastes. As such, it’s best to thoroughly check out the product label. [10]


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